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  1. if anyone is interested in protein bars, protein poppers, energy drinks, weight loss programs pm me and im more than happy to help them as im affiliated with a couple of products that would be of benefit to you guys.
  2. m&m what sprints do you say is best for burning up fat? 400's? or shorter 100s then 50s and so on?
  3. lower back pain can be to do with a lot of tings, i find alot of the reaosn is your unflexible. stretch your hamstrings, glutes, calves, hip flexors, quads every day and you will feel the relief
  4. dam it was nice to. big steak marinated in red wine and garlic sauce, with a big salad yummm
  5. na i dont no how to post pics, thats why i asked to send to someone
  6. all hail king ronnie the best there is the best there ever will be in my eyes. he is the man. im about to eat lunch ill take a pic and send it to someone to give u guys an example, im into body building have been for a while. im 21 i just dropped down from 110kgs now at 102 and still dropping. This is my lunch after a workout about 2 hours ago who can i send it to
  7. lol ooops my bad thats what i mean by 500grams lol
  8. yeh its true wheatbix is cclose to one of the best carbs, along with oats which i eat. buoy yu know everything man let us have our turn :) yeh i no but you can never get enough protein man why not eat more its better to go to waste rather than eating carbs whihc will turn to fat
  9. mate i was eating at one stage might sound bit bullshit my mum bought half a cow 12 chicken breasts and 24 eggs ate that in a week and a half 500 grams of protein is easy a day
  10. lol cottage cheese i dont know how any one eats it normal chedar will do me fine. frujitsu milk is not a good source of protein lol. man good source of pure protein is red mlean meat, chicken breast egg whites and protein shakes on top of that milk is f**k all protein and processed stuff again like m&m said to stay away form. to grow you need to consume at least 500grams of protein aday if not more when i go out for dinner i eat 500grams of steak as a main plus other shit man im aiming for a 1kg steak soon, stay away from that shit you call your food and eat proper protein and proper carbs and you watch yourself grow
  11. frujitsu, pre cook everythign the night before i make a 12 egg omelte 1 full eg to every 6 eggwhites put capsicum tomoato and stuff in there wake up in the morning microwave it done, cook all ur chicken breasts the night before. so you got all your meals for the day. not much protein in weetbix my friend lol
  12. m&m you know your stuff. isnt it funny how people want the quick way out buy creatine all the nick nacks because they see ronnie or jay on the front and think they will get like that, or take deca or anything of the like. my advice after ive put in all the hard yards. DONT BE LAZY SOB'S. put in the hard yards diet correctly train hard enough and results will show. stop forking out all the money for the supplement gimmicks and train. and guys one program does not fit all everyone responds different its all trial and error try stuff and you will see if it fits your needs. also nutrition i believe is about 80 percent of training. sleep and weights is the rest. you dont need supplements to recover the best way is to sleep and eat good food. peace.
  13. Flat Bench

    LOL true...oh so true. lol its funny to read.
  14. Mate not everyone responds to steroids. Believe it or not people think if you take more you'll get bigger, thatt isnt the case either. It shits me how everyone just doesnt wanna [put in the hard yards these days and just thinks "ohh, just hit deca you'll be fine." It all comes down to genetics, some people responds to weights alot qwuicker than others. Some may grow bigger than others. 80-90 percent of weight training is your diet. The rest is split up into weights, cardio, rest. If you dont have your diet right forget about anything else.