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  1. Quick question:

    hello Yes they fit they are the same -Matt
  2. I am gettting a engineers cert for my as i am selling it and vic roads needs it. i went down to this guy and he i just wanted to get the RB done not the rest of the car, but he would not do it unless it was the hole car. This just does not sounds right and i think he just wants to get money from me. Cause i know u can just get like your FMIC done by it self. Can you just get the RB done if so where have ppl gone to get this? (i have the info from vic roads and have been calling but thus far they dont do cars or just no picking up the phone will keep trying but any help from ppl that have done it would b great) Thanks -Matt
  3. thanks heaps guys...i take when u mean bend it u mean so that the bend goes behind the plate. i will give it a go thanks -Matt
  4. As most of you would know the s13 rear bar is a bit to small for the Vic license plates (or/and other states not sure) to fit thus you have to bend it at the ends which if you want an engineers cert you cant do, my questions is how do I fix this with out buy new small plates from Vic roads? Thanks - Matt
  5. Engineers Certificate

    there is a list of people that can give u a certificate on the vicroads web site... this are the only ones that can do the work. just take a look on the site, its there just might take some time to find or just searh with the words engineers certificate or something hahaha later
  6. RB20 Into a 180

    simple...dont do it hahah
  7. does the white smoke always come out? head gasket maybe???
  8. i had something like this once....it turned out to b my fuel regulator
  9. S1 or s2 engine in a s14

    i am not to sure... but i think the s1 have a red top sr and the s2 have the black top with vvt. or does that have something to with the s14a
  10. s15 bits in s13

    i know that ppl have put in the dash sits in the front aswell as the back. it can be done
  11. u got a ebc??? but u did not got with a bigger zort?, u might want to do some upgrades, 3" zort maybe fuel pump, if u want to run on higher boost alot could get a better intercooler. i could be wrong but just think long term
  12. which is your favourite?

    r32 all the way r33 look ghay and are slow
  13. speedo/revs s13

    sup mate, when i put my rb20 in my speedo went off and on aswell as the tacho, i took it back to the shop, they had the car half a day and fixed it. it was the wires and cables not done right. mabe thats it
  14. Removal of Type X front bar

    what bit is not coming off? when you take all the bolts out that u can see and pull, what part of the bar does not move? if its in the mid then its like the rear... (not sure for the front) but there was a metal bar that ran along the top of the car that had like 8 bolts very hard to get to and u cant see them try and feel around see what u come up with gl Matt
  15. installing Rear Bar

    thanks heaps bro helps heaps