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  1. What Are these rims called?

    Thanks everyone for your help, and ill just ignore the haters. Everyone is entitle to their own opinion. If we all had the same taste we would be living in the same houses driving the same cars and the world would be boring. Thanks again those who contributed positively to this thread
  2. 180sx N/A project

    No, it won't.
  3. 180sx N/A project

    All i can do is hope, and if i dont get exmpted, drive anyways... ill just cop the fine if i get caught.. it will be worth it.
  4. 180sx N/A project

    i did a bit of research on the RTA website and... "An exemption from the prohibited vehicle condition may be granted if the vehicle is a moderate-performance turbo/supercharged engine vehicle." I already emailed them asking what my chances are of getting exempt as it will produce under 150kw. they have a list of cars as examples and theres a few on there with 154kw so i think i might be able to get an exemption
  5. 180sx N/A project

    Your VIN number in the engine bay is still going to say it's a 180SX Turbo. Pull it off? lol
  6. 180sx N/A project

    Send us some pics?
  7. 180sx N/A project

    How will they know its not N/A from the factory? if its a sil80 and i chuck an Autech in it could i say its a S15 Autech with a 180sx rear? or is that still illegal because the rear is different?

    Vertical shot of you kneeling next to the car looks so Badass! car looks clean as!
  9. What Are these rims called?

    i love them! they look so good on 180's
  10. 180sx N/A project

    your guessing correct.. Can i not just re rego it as a non turbo? like a Type G/Type S?
  11. 180sx N/A project

    Nah Ive got my heart set on a 180
  12. Hey guys, im looking to buy a 180sx turbo (cause non turbo are impossible to find), take the turbo engine out sell it, and put a non turbo SR20DE engine in it to drive on my P's.. Just wondering if anyone knows exactly what i would need to change? i know i need a new ECU but would i have to change the wiring and all that? or could i just keep the wiring out of a SR20DET? P.S please no hating.. i know everyone is gonna say "not worth it, get an S13" but i wanna be different. Cheers